Women's Venturer Boots

‘Boots.. glorious boots’ or even ‘these boots are made for walking’ What ever the need of new boots it’s never so simple as click, pay and they arrive perfect. Or is this just me?

I am however a massive Dublin fan. They’ve always lasted, very comfortable and look rather awesome.

So the story began after getting chickens and ducks plus starting my first veg patch. I was after some summer boots that were easy to pull on and off at the back door. However, my list of what I wanted out of said boots, wasn’t over at just that. Having a working Labrador, who of course loves his walks, especially off the beaten track through what ever water and muddy field can be found. Ummm...(Tapping ones head like pooh bear) I need, water proof, non slip, easy on and off and of course comfortable to wear all day. After lots of research I found the ‘Dublin Venturer boots’ I liked how they looked in jeans as well as my bootcut walking trousers. So I clicked, paid and awaited my post lady.

Well this is one happy lady, I’ve worn them now for four months. During the extreme heat wave of the summer in my very fetching shorts, plus now in the depths of a Scottish autumn, which is basically like winter down south.  They slide on and off without the boot pull (oh here’s a first), waterproof, chicken poo proof, easy to work while in the vegetable garden (I find some boots far too chunky and get annoying), and absolutely perfect for doggy walks.

There is one down side unfortunately, they are so good, my daughter keeps stealing them. One may have to ask Santa for a pair for her.

So ‘these boots are made for walking‘ and are also ‘boots glorious boots’ - i’m rather glad you can’t hear my singing voice as a sing along to this.